Welcome to The Dreaming Room™

Business-office-with-dreaming-room-doorThe Dreaming Room™ is a completely unique incubator for emerging entrepreneurs, a space and a place where you can learn the essential skills necessary to truly and deeply awaken the new entrepreneur within you.

Think of The Dreaming Room™ as a blank piece of paper, where your beginner’s mind is inspired to see, experience, develop and design your Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission through which you will create a new venture, conceive of a business opportunity, invented solely by you, with the tools and guidance your Dreaming Room™ Facilitator will provide you.

The Dreaming Room™ is an online 7-week intensive program, that meets once per week, for 90-minutes per week with Michael E Gerber to go through his breakthrough process of creating an extraordinary business. Michael will lead you in your Dreaming Room™ journey and will introduce you to a new way of thinking about entrepreneurship, about creating a venture of your own, about how to use your wits and imagination to design the future and to eradicate the past.

  • Do you have a desire, not yet fulfilled?
  • Do you have a wish to create financial and intellectual independence?
  • Have you ever wanted to go out on your own, but didn’t know how?
  • Have you ever had the feeling that you are stuck in a place, a position, a job, a career, a business relationship – that limits you?

The Dreaming Room™ is the place to discover how to liberate yourself from your present and past, not by choosing options we are creating for you, but by inventing your own options, which is what entrepreneurs do.

Welcome to The Dreaming Room™, an original product of Michael E. Gerber Companies designed to transform the state of entrepreneurship and small businesses throughout the world.

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Michael Gerber The Course Beyond The E-Myth Revisited

Have you already read the E-Myth?

Find out how The Dreaming Room™ goes beyond what you already know from The E-Myth.

Beyond the E-Myth

“Michael’s understanding of entrepreneurship and small business has been a difference maker for Infusionsoft. His insights into the process of building a business are a must for every small business owner.” ~ Clate Mask, President and CEO, Infusionsoft

“Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth is one of only four books I recommend as required reading. For those looking to start and build a business of their own, this is the man who has coached more successful entrepreneurs than the next ten gurus combined.” ~ Timothy Ferris, #1 New Your Times best-selling author, The 4-Hour Workweek

If you’re looking for inspiration, information, or simply real world methods to take your entrepreneurial business to the next level, then your search is over! Michael Gerber will help you realize your dreams, steer you past the obstacles, and guide you to achievement. Why would I say this? Simple! That’s what he’s done (and still does) for me. ~ Peter Thomson, Peter Thomson International plc

“Because of Michael Gerber, I transformed my twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week job (also called a small business) into a multi-million turnkey business. This in turn set the foundation for my worldwide training firm. I am living my dream because of Michael Gerber.” ~ Howard Partridge, Phenomenal Products, Inc

Michael Gerber is an incredible business philosopher, guru, perhaps even a seer. He has an amazing intuition which allows him to see in an instant what everybody else is missing: he sees opportunity everywhere. While in the Dreaming Room, Michael gave me the gift of seeing through the eyes of an awakened entrepreneur, and instantly my business changed from a regional success to serving clients on four continents.” ~ Keith G. Schiehl, president, Rent-a-Geek Computer Services

“Michael Gerber is among the very few who truly understand entrepreneurship and small business. While others talk about these topics in the form of theories, methodologies, process, and so on, Michael goes to the heart of the issues. Whenever Michael writes about entrepreneurship, soak it in as it is not only good for your business, but great for your soul. His words will help you to keep your passion and balance while sailing through the uncertain sea of entrepreneuring.” ~ Raymond Yeh, co-author, The Art of Business

If you are a business owner, or are thinking of starting one, and are interested in enrolling in The Dreaming Room™, fill out this form and take the first step to find out how you can awaken the New Entrepreneur within you.


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