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Why Most Small Businesses Run Out of Money and What To Do About it


From the mega bestseller in:

About The E-Myth Chief Financial Officer

What’s The E-Myth? It’s the legendary and now iconic book series launched way back in 1986, written by Michael E. Gerber, explaining why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it.
The E-Myth explains that most small business owners fail to grow a successful company because they’re not entrepreneurs, but what Gerber calls, “Technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure™!”
Some 30 E-Myth books later, with millions of readers worldwide, welcome to The E-Myth Chief Financial Officer.
The E-Myth Chief Financial Officer (CFO) explains why the financial life of a small business is most often chaotic, frantic and confused with the financial life of the small business owner.
The E-Myth CFO explains why a small business owner’s income is most often confused with the business’s revenue, its profit with payroll.
The CFO’s mindset has long been one we intended to bring to the millions of small business owners we’ve worked with and written for over the past 40 years.
With the publication of “The E-Myth Chief Financial Officer: Why Most Small Businesses Run Out of Money and What to Do About It” and our partnership with our Co-Author and true CFO, Fred Parrish, we’ve finally brought the CFO’s mindset to bear on our commitment to the earnest development of small companies worldwide. Now, you too can get your money handled. Not like a technician, no, but like a true entrepreneur.


Michael E. Gerber is a true legend of entrepreneurship. Inc. Magazine calls him “the World’s #1 Small Business Guru” — the entrepreneurial and small business thought leader who has impacted the lives of millions of small business owners and hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide for over 40 years. Michael E. Gerber is the author of the NY Times mega-bestseller, for two consecutive decades, "The E-Myth Revisited" and nine other worldwide best-selling E-Myth books concerning small business entrepreneurship, leadership, and management. Additionally, Mr. Gerber has written 19 industry-specific E-Myth Vertical Books co-authored by industry experts, for Attorneys; Accountants; Optometrists; Chiropractors; Landscape Contractors; Financial Advisors; Architects; Real Estate Brokers; Insurance Agents; Dentists; Nutritionists; Bookkeepers; Veterinarians; Real Estate Investors; Real Estate Agents; Chief Financial Officers; and soon to be, HVAC Contractors and Plumbers. His mission is “to transform the state of small business worldwide.”

Fred Parrish EMyth CFO PictureAbout the Co Author

Fred G. Parrish is the founder and CEO of The Profit Experts and The Profit Institute. Since 1980 he has held positions from staff accountant to CEO in both public and private companies with revenues ranging from startup to $3.5 billion. Fred has served on the Board of Directors for twelve organizations in aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare services, business services, insurance, international missions, technology, and document management. He has extensive experience in directing and overseeing company operations, managing corporate resource development and directing strategic planning for domestic and international organizations. With this broad experience in both operations and financial management in a wide range of industries and at all levels of the organization, he has developed a proven process for optimizing operational analysis, dynamic cash flow management, staff efficiency planning, profit mining and organizational development. Fred is a speaker and instructor on subjects related to profit and cash flow optimization.
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