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The Dreaming Room Monologues™

Welcome to Michael E. Gerber’s….

The Dreaming Room Monologues™

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For years, Michael Gerber has been mentoring, coaching, teaching and inspiring small business owners, entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to own their own business. Inc. magazine calls him “the world’s #1 small business guru!”

Michael E. Gerber E-Myth Dreaming Room

“The World’s #1 Small Business Guru”
– Inc. Magazine

Tens of thousands of clients have benefited from Michael Gerber’s insights and expertise over those 40 plus years.

Millions more have reveled in the amazing insights he’s provided them in his now 23 world-renowned E-Myth books.

“What’s left to do,” Michael asked himself? “Now that I’ve reached the age of 79? Now that I’ve accomplished what most people only wish to accomplish? Now that I’ve learned all the lessons I’ve learned, and shared what I’ve learned with millions throughout the world? What’s next left to do?”

Well, Michael answered that question of himself, and now has answered that question for you.

What’s next?

Well, if you believe as Michael Gerber does that inspiration, imagination, creating non-stop are the hallmark of what’s next for every one of us, wherever we might happen to be in our lives, in the world, than Michael Gerber’s Dreaming Room Monologues™ were created just for you.

Michael Gerber calls his Monologues, “the poetry of commerce.”

And that’s exactly what the Monologues are, poetry. Not just good feelings, no. Not just to inspire you, no. But, to answer the legion of questions people have asked him over the years about what to do as an entrepreneur, what to think about, what to feel when it comes to business, people, money, management, the art and the science of living as a productive human being in this world.

Michael Gerber believes it takes a higher view of life, of work, of producing. And that’s what he attempts to do in his Monologues, and in his Dreaming Room™ – to wake you up, week after week, until he’s finally done. To give you his living thoughts, expressed as only Michael Gerber can express them, in ways never expressed before by any small business coach or leader or expert.

So, not only will you be inspired by The Dreaming Room Monologues™, but you will be treated to them, every single week from now on, ABSOLUTELY FREE, as a gift from Michael Gerber to the spirit of entrepreneurship awakening in you.

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Enjoy, says Michael Gerber. Listen, he says to you. Read them again and again, he implores you to do. And, then, when something remarkable occurs to you, write to me, says Michael Gerber @ Let’s begin the conversation, says Michael Gerber. There’s nothing else to do!

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