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Why Have Standards?


Word Cloud Quality Management“All the while, when the subject of business comes up, I’m called to the task of justifying positions I’ve taken over the years. Positions about the purpose of systems, the distinction between people operating on their own in a way they’re most comfortable acting, and people being held accountable for mastering systems to fulfill the functions they’ve been hired to perform. Which goes on to say that most of the people I meet are incredibly confused and frustrated by the need to create a system to perform an outcome, as opposed to simply allowing whatever happens to happen the way it is easiest for their people to do what’s expected of them. I had that experience just yesterday when attempting to walk a CEO through the process of identifying very specific benchmarks for producing a very specific result. In this case, it was preparing for a trade show. ‘What was the first step in the process for preparing for a trade show,’ I asked him. It took us actually 45 minutes to discover what the very first step was, and even then, how to communicate not only the what of it – the description of that first step – but even more problematic was the how of it. The literal step one, step two, step three to get that first step completed as required by the standards he’d established for the operation of his company when it came to preparation for a trade show. Truth was (and still is, I can assure you) there was no standards. There never have been with this particular company, doing this particular work, preparing not only for this particular trade show, but for any particular trade show. And that’s because there was no Dream, no Vision, no Purpose, no Mission. And, without those elemental standards, truly defined, why of course there weren’t any for the tactical work that needs to be done. Come Dream With Me! Don’t let your company operate without standards. Know that your strategy defines your tactics. Always has and always will. And your strategy is born out of your expectations, and the systems, which ensure they will be done.  I have a Dream, I have a Vision, I have a Purpose, I have a Mission. How else will it be done?”

(The Dreaming Room™ is the only entrepreneurial incubator of its kind, designed by Michael E. Gerber to awaken the true entrepreneurial spirit within people determined to grow, economically, mentally, intentionally, and creatively. Called “A Blank Piece of Paper and Beginner’s Mind” The Dreaming Room™ Process continues on with “Design, Build, Launch & Grow” toward the successful evolution of a world class Job, Practice, Business and Enterprise. “Come Dream With Me,” says Michael E. Gerber. “Let’s create a new life together.”)

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