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The Dreaming Room™ Facilitator Certification

The leader of the marketing pack

We are about to create an Entrepreneurial Revolution which will enrich the lives of millions around the world. We will be making an online offer to millions of people around the world who are attracted to join us in The Transformation™

First, The Transformation™ of their lives,
Second, The Transformation™ of those they know, and
Third, The Transformation™ of their community in which they live through the creation of millions of New Ventures designed, built, launched, and grown by them.

If you build it, they will come . . .


Go to the People, Learn from them, Teach what you know!
When it is all said and done; THEY will Declare, ‘WE have done it ourselves’!

– Chinese Proverb

You are invited to become a Michael E. Gerber Dreaming Room™ Facilitator, the first step toward creating an exciting New Venture in this, our New World. To continue the conversation with us, complete the form below and submit, and we will contact you.

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