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Welcome to Michael E. Gerber’s website, a place where you can accelerate your learning curve by acquiring knowledge from the world’s leading authority on small business and entrepreneurship. This is where entrepreneurship is not just a buzzword, but a series of pragmatic actions that have been proven effective in over 100,000 organizations worldwide.

At, we provide you with the inspiration, insight, processes, and tools to find and express your deepest passions. We challenge you to dream bigger than you’ve ever had the courage to dream before. Let us show you how to make your DREAM truly extraordinary, your VISION tangible and pragmatic, your PURPOSE inspired by meaning, and your MISSION to make it real.

The Dreaming Room: Design, Build, Launch & Grow™

Over the past 40 years, Michael E. Gerber and his companies have worked with tens of thousands of small business owners, wannabe small business owners, the unemployed, the underemployed, the self-employed and every other dimension of being human, where the condition called “stuck” is alive and well and imprisoning the potential of the individual experiencing it. Michael Gerber saw his job to liberate everyone who is ready to do it, by awakening the entrepreneur within them. Thus he built The Dreaming Room™. The only entrepreneurial incubator of its kind. A place where everyone can begin on their own unique path to freedom. By discovering their Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission.

“But, once discovered, then what?” asked Michael Gerber. Then what became his most ambitious offer yet. He calls it Design, Build, Launch & Grow, a dedicated system through which every individual can manifest his or her Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission into an economic engine designed to achieve the objectives each individual has.

If you are ready to take action in your life and your business, take the first step and contact us to begin the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you

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