Most Businesses Run Out of Gas

“Most businesses run out of gas. What they actually mean when they say that is that most owners and their people run out of energy. The great enthusiasm, which started the business, and is then lost over time, leaves people high and dry. And the reason for that is simple. Business, as most people do it, is not done to scale. That means few companies are ever built to truly grow. Most are unwittingly built to fail. And those that manage to survive, do so by hook or by crook, where the owner, who in E-Myth terms is anything but a true entrepreneur, is, instead, a 'technician suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure,' who builds a business that depends upon his or her own personal skills and willingness to do everything that needs to be done, even if they don’t know how to do it very well. As a result, the business stays small, struggling to stay alive, and dying for lack of energy to inspire it to learn what it needs to learn in order to thrive. So for most businesses and most small business owners and most people who work in those businesses, it’s survive instead of thrive. And, unfortunately, that’s also true of most individuals as well. Most of us learn how to survive, getting on with the least we can imagine, as opposed to the most we can’t.

Welcome to The Dreaming RoomTM, a place I invented to completely transform that picture. To create an incubator for the creator, for the entrepreneur within, for the person Walt Disney came to call, the 'Imagineer.' The 'Imagineer,' in Disney's terms, was an individual who sees opportunity where most people can’t. Who sees the light where most people see dark. Who sees something stunningly original where most people see unbridgeable limitations. We call The Dreaming Room™ 'a blank piece of paper and beginner’s mind.' It’s the space that must be awakened inside of everyone who wishes to create more than they’ve currently got, but can’t imagine that it’s possible, when not only is it possible, but if you’re to thrive, it’s absolutely essential. We call it the creative mind, which is where the innovative mind is born, where invention is a predictable outcome, where something spectacular is just waiting on the other side of the door. Come Dream With Me. Come see what's waiting on the other side of your door!"