The Dreaming Room Monologues™ #4


Six States of Discovery

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“It’s not the dreaming that is so spectacular, it’s the shift from a normal state of mind to one we haven’t experienced before. It’s the shift to the six states of discovery, where the first state is Fear, muddled with Excitement, so the first state is an existential state of foreboding. Entering a new arena, not sure of the rules, stimulated to have done it, to have made the commitment, but wondering whether you’ve done the right thing, and a bit wary about what have I got myself into, sort of thing. That’s the first state.

The second state could be called Panic. Panic is the sudden and extreme ‘out of here’ feeling, like holy sh_t, I don’t know how to do this, sort of like freezing up because what just came up nobody had prepared me for, and it’s also a knuckling down kind of thing, where okay, I’m in it, and I don’t know how to do it, but, hell, nobody seems to, except for that really smart and smug guy over there in the corner, but…jeez. That’s the second state.

The third State is ‘Wait a Minute,’ that’s cool. Wow, did I just think that?! I never thought that one before. Wait a minute. If that’s true, and maybe it is, than maybe I could…and the streaming begins, and the surprises show up, and it’s all happening to all of you, and you’re all suddenly aware that you’re in The Dreaming Room™, and something is happening that really feels…well, surprising, and fresh, and…stimulating. That’s the third state.

The fourth state is Realization. Realization that you’re up to something. Realization that nothing you thought to be true before you got here was actually, or necessarily, or, importantly, true. That there’s an entire world out here you’ve never allowed yourself to play in. That ideas are not ‘a dime a dozen’ that ideas are rich with unintended meaning, rich with possibilities, rich with promise. That ideas are suddenly treasured here in The Dreaming Room™, and everyone has a piece of it, each their own piece, each seeming to live in a space uniquely their own, each coming up with stuff, which stimulates the stuff you’re coming up with, and nobody is taking anybody’s stuff, just radiating in the extreme pleasure of it. And what’s called a Dream, and a Vision, and a Purpose, and a Mission, is beginning to reveal themselves. So that’s the fourth state, Realization. A Big State. A complex, yet sturdily simple State.

Which leads to the fifth state. The fifth state is ‘Are we coming to the end, so soon?’ I want to do this some more. I want to go back to the beginning. I never realized how much there is to being, to being, to being who I’m beginning to experience differently than I’ve ever experienced myself before. It’s just like Gerber said, before I said yes, that it’s like America is a State of Mind. It’s like New Zealand is a State of Mind. That everything is a State of Mind, manufactured, designed, built, created, launched from the platform, the presence, which he called a State of Mind. My State of Mind is shifting into something I’ve never owned before. My State of Mind is…my State of Mind. It has its unique taste, it does. It feels humbling. It means something much more startlingly significant than just a little while ago. I am beginning to discover the word, ‘meaning’…and it’s that which is at the heart of what’s going on here, and in here, and yes, seemingly, in each and every one of us.

Which is where we find ourselves in the sixth state. The sixth state, has it come so soon, has it truly come so soon, has the sixth state truly come, the surprise, the emptiness of thought, the epiphany of awakening to no thought, no need to think, not thoughtless, no, but a streaming of language which is not thought but more like pictures, more like the mind painting, my mind is painting! Which is the sixth state in all its glory, that my mind is Painting, and it doesn’t need a frame yet, nor does it need a thought yet, it is just painting, and I watch, as though it’s not my mind, it’s someone else’s mind, and it paints, and that’s the sixth state, which can occur on the very first day, or the second, or the third, but it’s bound to occur, because that’s what dreaming is all about. Just painting. So beautiful. Nothing to do. A blank piece of paper and beginner’s mind. I am in The Dreaming Room™.”

(The Dreaming Room™ is the only entrepreneurial incubator of its kind, designed by Michael E. Gerber to awaken the true entrepreneurial spirit within people determined to grow, economically, mentally, intentionally, and creatively. Called “a blank piece of paper and beginner’s mind,” The Dreaming Room™ process continues on with “Design, Build, Launch & Grow” toward the successful evolution of a world-class Job, Practice, Business and Enterprise. “Come dream with me,” says Michael E. Gerber. “Let’s create a new life together.”)