The “New Entrepreneur”

Michael E. Gerber’s Dreaming Room™ celebrates and nurtures the rise of the “New Entrepreneur” – the business-savvy men and women who have a driving desire to make a positive difference in the world.

The New Entrepreneur has re-evaluated their personal goals and passions, their belief system. They have actively envisioned how they will make their contribution to their community, and their stand for quality of life and the social and natural environment. They are equipped to transcended both career plateaus and other challenges that come before them.

The New Entrepreneur has learnt to measure success by their impact social and environmental, as well as their bottom-line.

This vision is a part of a growing global movement that supports Michael E. Gerber’s observations over the past 40 years that, those businesses leaders who are committed to positive change beyond their personal goals are most likely to overcome business personal and challenges and have a higher rate of financial success.

The Dreaming Room™ is a transformative process that creates the opportunity for each participant to re-engineered their lives, careers and businesses to deepen and align their values, as “New Entrepreneurs”.

If you are a business owner, or are thinking of starting one, fill out this form and take the first step to find out how you can awaken the New Entrepreneur within you.


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