The Book, The Brand, The Business™

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For An investment of only $200, I am going to share with you the secret formula underlying the writing and publication of the most successful small business book in the world. And how you can do the very same thing.

The Book, The Brand, The Business™

Yes, that’s an important part of the secret I’m going to share with you. That a book is always more than just a book. If it’s only a book then it has missed the biggest opportunity. Which is to become a brand, which is to become a business.

Because this book, this hardbound, one of a kind, never to be available again, numbered, signed-by-me-book is being printed as a Limited Special Edition by my publisher HARPERCOLLINS as a special favor for me, this one time, and this one time only, never to be available again, just for this special, remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime event – the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of this most remarkable once-in-a-lifetime book.

“In an article by the Wall Street Journal titled, “The Best Advice Around, By Those who Took It,” posted November 14, 2011, the E-Myth Revisited book is listed as the top business development book for business owners looking to actually implement change in their businesses.”

So, that’s the easy part. Ordering the book. You can order The E-Myth here, and find out for yourself what The Wall Street Journal is raving about, by simply CLICKING HERE, to buy as many as you would like (up to 3,500!), for friends, for family, for business associates, for partners, for whomever you believe would be thrilled to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with us.

But, the really special part of this offer is this: if you order two E-Myth books for yourself, you can use one to learn how to write YOUR book with me helping you every step of the way, and save your second copy of The E-Myth in a safety deposit box as a precious investment that will only increase in value over the years.
Is that neat, or what? One to learn by, and one to earn by.

And if you take me up on my special offer, today, at no additional cost, I am going to teach you the secret underlying The Book, The Brand, The Business to reveal to you how this single little book, The E-Myth, has created for me, its author, millions of dollars in revenue since it was first published in 1986.

Unbelievable you say?

Well, believe it.

The E-Bration
Celebration Continues!

Want to totally transform your business and your life?

Have you received your Silver Anniversary Limited Edition copy of The E-Myth?

Did you know that Michael is going to lead the first-ever teleconference series using The E-Myth as the curriculum?

That’s right, you are invited to join the “Father of Entrepreneurship” himself, Michael E. Gerber, for an exclusive opportunity that will transform your business and your life!

Starting July 10, Micheal will personally host a series of 4 informative and inspiring teleconferences where he will share the secrets of how his book, The E-Myth, became one of the most exceptional books in the world and helped millions of people all over the world to build enormously successful businesses.

Michael will also share how to build a powerful business teaching what The E-Myth is written about: Why Most Businesses Fail and What To Do About It.

That’s the true secret of The E-Myth.

The true secret of The E-Myth is much more than a massively best-selling book for more than 2 decades. It is the secret of building a massively successful company that provides services to readers about how to follow through with creating a phenomenally successful business that transforms their business and their lives.

With this “E-Bration Celebration Continuation,” you will receive over $1700 in value:

  • 4 Powerful Hours: The Book, The Brand, The Business – iLive with Michael E. Gerber, four hours of instruction from the author of the world’s most successful business book, on how to conceive, design, build and grow the most successful small business in the world. Value $1500
  • 2 Limited Edition copies of the Silver Anniversary Edition of The E-Myth – one to use and an extra one to preserve or give to your favorite entrepreneur. Value $200
  • Bonus Gift*: Awakening the Entrepreneur Within – How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Companies. Value $24.95

Limited Offer: $200 while supplies last

There are only a few copies of the Limited Edition, grab yours today.